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  • Learn how to go from building a social profile (the right way) to launching a property with the potential to reach millions of people. We live in a fully digital world, therefore it is important to understand where current platforms will be in the future and how to build a strong digital presence on them. Daniel and our Head of Digital, Elliot Jones, will give you the key to the future.

  • A series of worksheets, guides, and activities that will help you with logical thinking, understanding and identifying key aspects of the sales training. These templates will be your bible, you can refer to them forever. Once you complete these interactive exercises you will be one step closer to winning!

  • Learn how to navigate your way through digital channels and implement who you are, what you stand for, and who you want to become. Our activities, video demonstrations and guides will direct you to building the personal brand that you want to have. You are the CEO of yourself! Learn how to communicate this and make sure people like, trust, and respect you (even before you sell your first property)!

  • The minute you answer the phone to the minute you meet the client for the first time can determine your success. Not only will Daniel show you how to deliver the perfect viewing experience (based on who you are showing the property to), he will explain how to qualify pitch to buyers and sellers.

  • Winning is about understanding the game and then playing it better than everyone else. Throughout the course there are a number of pop-quizzes and a final test to prove to yourself and me that you understand the game and you are prepared to play it better than anyone else.

  • Have you ever heard the saying that your network is your net-worth? Well, we are about to give you all the secrets to building your ecosystem of contacts. No-one teaches you how to greet clients, make a good first impression or alter how you communicate with clients from different backgrounds, cultures and age ranges. We will teach you how to follow-up, make a strong first impression, keep in touch with potential clients, and buyers in the most natural and authentic way- this will consistently win you business.


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  • You will gain access to our members only Whatsapp group. How can it get any better than this? You will have the ability to connect further with other students, expand your network of advisors, ask our DDA specialists any questions you have and do this all on the go! This group will truly make you feel like you are a part of a community, and we are all here to support you.

  • Join live webinars with me so you can ask questions about anything and everything- down from deals you are doing, getting advice on closing a deal, and get direct feedback.

  • Gain insight from our in-house digital marketing team on the latest digital trends, platform updates, and how to get ahead on all digital channels, straight into your inbox each week. Our head of digital, Elliot Jones is an expert in his field with a wealth of experience at some of the worlds biggest real estate companies and was former social strategy lead at Coca-Cola. He is the real brains behind DDRE.

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  • We understand that there are many factors to being a business professional and digital marketer. Therefore, we are hosting weekly Q&As with either our Head of Digital, Head of Administration, DDRE Agents, Head of Marketing, or our incredible Videographer. This is your chance to ask questions about any of these topics to experts in the industry- and gain instant feedback on any work you’ve done!

  • We know not everyone learns in the same way, so we’ve got a solution for everybody! Alongside 5 hours of video content, you will also receive worksheets, infographics, guides to print and other various media formats to explore.


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Jonathan Assayag

What a great intro ! Awesome That gives me the thirst to learn and follow you 🙏 Looking forward 🔥

What a great intro ! Awesome That gives me the thirst to learn and follow you 🙏 Looking forward 🔥

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